Autism Awareness Training

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Our Vision

Develop Autism was founded with the vision of being the leading autism awareness trainer to corporates, drawing from the real life experiences and challenges of autistic individuals we create engaging and informative training sessions delivered and taught by our autistic trainers.

Our Services

Training Suite

Visit our training suite to view all our bespoke autism awareness training solutions

Autism Toolkit

A guide for your organisation of simple steps you can take to become a more autism aware employer

Autism Audit

A audit of your services performed by our autistic consultants using our bespoke benchmark criteria

Thought leadership corner


This distinction can raise many questions but the simplest as I see it is a question of identity.  When you are autistic you have an

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Teach the individual

When you think of education and stereotypical autism you would naturally assume that something as prescriptive and predictable as education must be a dream come

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Public speaking & Inspirational talks

Develop Autism is available to speak at your event giving insights into diversity and inclusion, overcoming adversity and highlighting the potential of a neuro-diverse workforce.
"Develop Autism delivered autism awareness training to our staff earlier this year. The delegates found the training very informative, with practical advice on how to create and maintain a positive and inclusive working environment for people on the autism spectrum.”
Jason Laity
Senior Partner and Chairman of KPMG Channel Islands